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Doncaster Floods and Rat Infestations

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Doncaster Floods and Rat Infestations

This article looks at how the recent floods in the Doncaster and South Yorkshire areas will cause rats to be displaced from both their external habitats and the sewage systems. This further exacerbates the risk of rats seeking out refuges and thus infesting our homes and businesses.

Why will the floods increase rat infestations?

The main increase in rat infestations following periods of heavy rain and flooding is the displacement of rats from their habitats. Rats that are living in gardens, field margins, hedgerows, stream bankings etc. will be displaced from their burrow systems and look for harbourage sites in more suitable areas. This results in rats seeking out higher and drier areas, which often leads to rats gaining access to our homes and businesses.

The volumes of water that enter our sewers and drains during periods of heavy rainfall results in the rat populations being displaced from areas within the system that are not usually charged full with water. The consequences of this are rats being forced to the surface via road gullies, culverts or defective drainage. The influx of water can also result in rats being forced into parts of the drainage system that are usually relatively rat-free. If these rats encounter a drainage defect that is near to a property, there is always a risk the rats can gain access to our homes and businesses.

What can be done to reduce the risk of a rat infestation? 

Ensure that there are no obvious proofing issues on the external walls that would allow rats into your property:

  • Seal all gaps around pipes.
  • Seal all gaps under doors including under door thresholds.
  • Cut back trees and shrubs that would allow rats to climb onto the property.

Ensure that there are no food sources that are attracting rats such as excess bird food or pet food.

What Can be done if I have rats in my home or business?

If you have a rat infestation we would always advice that you call the professionals at Kestrel Pest Management. We have the experience and knowledge to quickly eradicate any rat infestation. We will carry out a thorough survey of your property and look for how the rats have gained access and offer our proofing service that will prevent future infestations. If we suspect that a drainage fault is responsible, we can also fully investigate the drains.