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Flea Fumigation Doncaster

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Flea Fumigation Doncaster

Fleas can make life unbearable when they infest our homes and businesses. Flea infestations can happen at any time of year, but are most prolific during late Summer. The warm and humid weather is ideal and allows fleas to complete their life cycle in a much shorter period. This blog provides some good advice on what to do when fleas invade our properties.

Fleas can be introduced into our properties via various means:

  • Pets
  • Visitors
  • Second hand carpets/soft furnishings

The most common reason for flea infestations is the introduction via pets, and this is usually cats or dogs. The most common type of flea is the cat flea, that will infest both cats and dogs.

Sometimes fleas are already laying dormant inside a vacant property and are reactivated when they detect a potential host. This can mean a seemingly innocuous house can soon be jumping with fleas.

When a flea infestation is confirmed it is best to act quickly with the following actions:

  • Have your pet treated with a veterinary approved flea treatment. This will eradicate the fleas on your pet, but will not kill the fleas in the home that will continue to bite people.
  • Thoroughly hoover the affected property, paying particular attention to the carpets, rugs, sofas and soft furnishings. Also hoover the gaps in floorboards and under furniture.
  • Wash all pet bedding on a hot a wash as possible (ideally 60 degrees centigrade).
  • To kill the fleas living around the home requires the services of a pest control professional. We have the expertise and specialist products that will safely and effectively eradicate any flea infestation.

Kestrel Pest Management provide an expert flea fumigation and control service for the homes and businesses of Doncaster and surrounding areas. For more information see our Flea Control in Doncaster Page.