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Common clothes moths (Tineola bisselliella) are a common pest of textiles such as wool, fur, silk, hair and feathers. Clothes moth can cause serious damage to a range of textiles and there has been a huge increase in this cloth-eating pest over the last few years. This article looks at the signs of a clothes moth infestation and how this pest can be eradicated.

Ants are now awaking from their Winter slumber and the foraging activity of ants will bring them into our homes and businesses. This is an ideal time to get your ant control in place to prevent having large numbers of ants ruining your Summer.

The first indications of a rodent infestation can be noises in the loft or attic being heard, such as scratching, scraping, gnawing, thumping or bumping.  This article looks at why an early investigation by a pest professional will resolve the rodent issue before any damage can be caused.

The senses in rats and mice have enabled them to thrive when living in close proximity to people. This article looks at how their senses of sight, hearing, smell. taste and touch make them so successful and such a formidable pest as well as how this knowledge can give us a better understanding when controlling rats and mice.