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Cluster flies are flies that hibernate over winter in large congregations, hence the name cluster fly. They are typically found hibernating in loft spaces and outbuildings hence their other common name of attic fly. The term cluster fly is an umbrella term for any species of fly that hibernate en masse and the most common species is the yellow cluster fly | Cluster fly control Doncaster

Without doubt, the number one pest that we are asked to deal with are wasps. They form their nests in a variety of  nooks and crannies such as air bricks, lofts, garages, sheds, porches, dormer windows; the list is endless. During the Spring the queen wakes up after hibernating during the colder Winter months. She will initially feed herself up before choosing a location to construct a nest. The initial construction is a small ball the size of a golf ball. Within nest there are about 20 cells where the queen will deposit an egg in each. These eggs soon hatch into larvae and will pupate to become the first workers of the new nest | Wasp control.