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Noises In The Loft

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Noises In The Loft

The first indications of a rodent infestation can be noises in the loft or attic being heard, such as scratching, scraping, gnawing, thumping or bumping.  This article looks at why an early investigation by a pest professional will resolve the rodent issue before any damage can be caused.

If rats, mice or squirrels enter a loft space they can cause significant damage:

  • Chewing of electrical cables
  • Chewing of pipes and pipe insulation
  • Chewing of woodwork
  • Chewing of soffits and fascias
  • Damage to roofing
  • Damage to stored items
  • Spoilage of loft insulation via rodent droppings and urine
rats in loft
mice in loft
rat chewing cables

As rats and mice are mainly nocturnal, their activities through the night can result in disturbance to the home owners sleep. It is often just the suspicion of rodent activity above the bedroom ceiling that results in a broken nights sleep.

When we are called out to investigate suspicious noises in the loft there are a numerous signs that will indicate the source of the problem:

  • Sightings of live rodents
  • Droppings
  • Chewing damage
  • Smells
  • Times of activity
  • Nesting material
  • Smear marks

When the species of rodent is identified we always look at how the pest has gained access to the property. There could be a number of proofing issues that would allow rats, mice and squirrels to gain entry to our homes and businesses:

  • Gaps in brickwork, around pipes, under doors etc.
  • Climbing vegetation
  • Defective drainage
  • Overhanging branches

Of course not all noises in the loft are the result of rodent infestation. Sometimes it can be birds using our loft spaces as roosting or nesting sites. Sometimes the heating systems in houses can cause unusual noises. Wind can cause loose roof tiles and roof felting to knock and flap. Leaking roofs can also be mistaken for rodent noises. This is why it is so important for a pest professional to carry out an investigation which will diagnose the issue and if rodents are found a treatment can be implemented. At Kestrel Pest Management we offer a range of treatments for rat control, mice control and squirrels control that ensure a safe and effective removal of rodent infestations. We also offer a proofing service so that any route of entry is sealed to prevent future infestation.