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Agricultural Pest Control Services Doncaster

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Agricultural Pest Control Services Doncaster

This article looks at the way the UK Rodenticide Stewardship Regime has changed the way that rodent control is now carried out on farms and estates | Agricultural pest control services.

The very nature of the farming industry means there is a particular risk of infestation by rats and mice. Historically, the approach to this risk was to use permanent baiting as a way to prevent infestations before they took hold. However, this allowed field mice, voles and other non-target species to access these external baits and in turn were consumed by wildlife such as barn owls, red kites, kestrels, buzzards and polecats to name a few. Scientists discovered that increasing amounts of rodenticide residues were occurring in the wildlife populations. This resulted in the CRRU (Campaign For Responsible Rodenticide Use) being asked by the HSE to formulate a plan to reduce the risk posed by rodenticides entering the environment. The result of this was the production of the UK Rodenticide Stewardship Regime.

The main core points of the Regime are:

  • Limits who can purchase, sell and use professional rodenticides. Must have certification or be a member of a farm assurance scheme.
  • Using the “Risk Hierarchy” approach when considering control options. Use the option that poses least risk to the environment.
  • Adopt an integrated approach to pest management (IPM), where all factors are considered that have led to an active infestation or have the potential to allow a future infestation. Factors such as proofing, cleaning, waste management, environmental management and monitoring. (IPM reduces the need for direct control).
  • Ensure that when control is necessary, a planned and documented approach is used. This means carrying out thorough surveys, undertaking environmental risk assessments and drawing up plans and checklists that itemise each bait point.

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We at Kestrel Pest Management appreciate the wildlife that inhabits our natural environment. We are fully in favour of a system that ensures the risks posed by rodents to the farming industry are controlled while at the same time reducing the risks to environment. Kestrel Pest Management provide a professional agricultural pest control service that will ensure your farm doesn’t fall foul of the rules and regulations.