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Flies In My House Doncaster

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Flies In My House Doncaster

At this time of year, when the temperatures fall and daylength decreases, we receive calls from concerned customers about large numbers of flies appearing in their homes and businesses. These flies are called cluster flies and take up residence in properties at this time of year to overwinter.

This article looks at how we at Kestrel Pest Management deal with these cluster flies. Cluster fly is a general term for several species of fly that congregate en masse during the Autumn and Winter. These species include:

  • Yellow Cluster Fly
  • Green Cluster Fly
  • Autumn Fly
  • Yellow Swarming Fly
  • Window Fly

These cluster fly species will seek out gaps in the fabric of buildings in which to “cluster” together. They will accumulate in loft spaces, cavity walls, window frames, outbuildings etc. These accumulations can number into their thousands which can be alarming when they invade our living spaces.

Due to the amount of flies involved, they can contaminate areas with their droppings and dead bodies. At Kestrel Pest Management we use a specialist piece of equipment called a ULV(Ultra Low Volume) machine to treat for cluster flies.  This machine generates a fine mist of insecticide that travels around on air currents to permeate all the nooks and crannies where these flies hide out.

Kestrel Pest Management are experts in fly control and have many years experience providing specialist services to our customers.